On this page you will learn how to say yes and no in Russian

Yes and No – Да и Нет

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Also, find out what okay is in Russian or how to say how are you doing and goodnight beautiful in Russian language.

Studying Russian has become popular nowadays. Maybe, you have by this time taken the plunge into picking up Russian when you heard Russian words pronounced in a movie, in a song, or written in a book (in a footnote). Maybe, you wished for learning a few cool trendy Russian expressions. You searched YouTube and Google looking for a Russian pronunciation guidebook to learn simple Russian spelling and pronunciation. Or perhaps you were interested in learning how to write and speak Russian and you asked yourself how to write Cyrillic in English letters.
On this site you can discover general sayings in English translated to Russian. Plus, you can come across Russian language audio in MP3 files and learn most common Russian expressions. However, language learning is not limited to learning the pronunciation of Russian words. You need to get a speaking picture of the word into your mind, and you can do it on this site by learning frequent Russian words with pictures. And much more! You can not only listen to online audio recordings of Russian phrases and popular words, but look at how these words are pronounced by watching a video and learning the translation of the word! Ultimately, to make the pictures of the words sink into your mind, this Internet site has a pronunciation manual in English letters. Thus, as you can see, we use a broad complex of learning means to help you succeed in learning Russian.
Nowadays you can find a lot of free resources for studying Russian: podcasts, webpages, YouTube channels and websites like this one which will help you learn practical Russian sayings, speaking, Russian Cyrillic letters, pronunciation, orthography, grammar. However, all these pages give you non-organized language details, and this can make things vague for you. To get rid of complication and get organized understanding as well as to save your time, you need a Russian tutor because it’s their task to organize the material and give you what you need the most. The teacher is aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your specific pronunciation and knows how to achieve your learning goals. The only thing you need to do is to count on the instructor and revel in your advanced Russian language in a 6-month time.

Now you know how to say yes and no in Russian.