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I will help you:

  • Identify your priorities in learning
  • Learn to think in Russian. Don’t translate from your mother tongue, speak Russian right away
  • Start understanding natural Russian speech at a normal speed thanks to a special course based on Russian movies and TV-shows (already after 7 lessons!)
  • Get rid of “the fear of speaking”. You will see that even at the beginner level you are perfectly able to speak with natives and to be understood by them.
    You will not need the help of an interpreter in many life situations.
  • Prepare for GCSE, A-level or other Russian exams.
  • Learn how to decline Russian numerals once and for all.
  • Maintain your high level of Russian through regular practice


You will find the key to:

  • Fast transition from your native articulation to Russian articulation
  • Mastering the most peculiar Russian sounds
    (trilled “R”, «Ы», «Щ», «Ц», «Х», soft consonants)
  • Understanding Russian cases and
    3 working tips to memorize the endings
  • Teaching Russian to young children. I will show you that even children as little as 5 years old can enjoy Skype lessons and benefit from them.
    Each lesson for kids is a mini-story and not just a number of tasks.  
    Videos, audios, animated pictures, presentations, interactive images, online drawing easels, games and toys – all this will help the little ones to learn while having fun.



  • 3 lessons: You will learn how to read Russian
  • 10 lessons: You will not get lost or starve even in a provincial Russian town
  • 20 lessons: You will be able to talk about your daily activities,
    what you’ve done and where you’ve been and ask about these things
    other people, communicate your needs and preferences to others,
    make small talk about work, weather, family, etc.
  • 4 months (4 lessons a week): You will be able to pass TRKI A1 exam video-testimonials

Your Perfect Lesson

  • 60-minute lesson (10 minutes longer than standard lesson time)
  • Lesson with a patient native teacher
  • You decide when and where to have a lesson.
    The only thing you need is a computer with a microphone and Internet connection.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Example lesson Trustpilot reviews
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 3
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 14
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 19
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 17
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 15
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  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 10
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 2
  • Diplom Russian tutor Anastasia from 1
20 lessons
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  • 33% discount
  • Regular practice
  • Conversation wizardship
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  • 21% discount
  • Broader vocabulary
  • Survival level
5 lessons
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$22 / hour
  • 12% discount
  • Confident reading
  • Ready-to-make-friends level
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60 minutes.
$25 / hour
  • Quick start
  • 60 minutes of intense learning
  • Affordable price
Russian is fun:
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$10 / hour
  • Getting to know each other
  • Low price
  • Perfect for newbies
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January 2019


Cary about russian tutor Anastasia
Steven about lessons with Russian tutor Anastasia
Texas Houston
1 year ago

Before I found Anastasia, I tried language exchange and a few other tutors. None of them was good enough for me. Language exchange was merely a waste of time, and other tutors either lacked professionalism in teaching Russian or didn't understand my English well enough to teach me the equivalent Russian expressions.
Fortunately, 6 months ago I found Anastasia. She is fluent in English, so she easily tells me the Russian equivalent of anything I want to say. Anastasia is professionally educated in teaching the Russian language to non-Russians. She also has one more rare quality that cannot be taught: she has the heart of a teacher. She is patient and caring and the manner in which she teaches shows that she was simply born to teach. Try some lessons with her and see for yourself!

2 years ago

Anastasia is a wonderful tutor for Russian as a second language. She is very easy to work with (via Skype) and tries to assess and then meet your specific needs. Her assignments are good, her material is great and I love that she has flip cards that can be used on my iPad, iPhone and in my car to learn while I am driving.

I highly recommend Anastasia to anyone who can learn from personal two way training.

North Carolina
2 years ago

I have worked with Anastasia for several months in one on one Russian language classes and have been consistently impressed with her patience, kindness and ability to explain the complexities of the Russian language. I most appreciated her ability to create charts and exercises for me to practice the various cases and build my Russian language vocabulary. I have worked with several on-line tutors and Anastasia has been without a doubt one of my favorite tutors because of her high level of professionalism, refined teaching skills and easy going personality. She is deserving of much of the credit for the successes I’ve had in learning the Russian language and I recommend her highly to any potential students of the Russian language at any level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

2 years ago

Nastya is a joy to have as a tutor. She is not only polite and respectful, but also is educated, formally and informally, is knowledgeable in both English and Russian, and is familiar with idiomatic terminology in both languages. She is willing to use different learning methods, whichever works best for the student, and really engages in that method, working hand in hand with the student to make that method effective. She also provides encouragement and accountability to assist in the continuation of the study method and make it as effective as it can be.
As icing on the cake, she's been flexible with emergency schedule changes, and I've found the video clear with very smooth motion.

My language skills and general understanding (or "feel") of the Russian language has improved greatly since working with Nastya, and I feel fortunate to have found her.

2 years ago

Anastasia's lessons are great. Russian is not an easy language to learn, but she is helping a lot. She is very patient, which is great because while learning it is not unusual to make the same mistake several times before finally getting the point. Her explanations are very clear. I really enjoy our lessons, first because she is very friendly, and also because we’ve been working on dialogues from the very start, which helps keep motivation. I highly recommend taking lessons with her!

2 years ago

Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m from Italy. I’m very happy to study English with my teacher Anastasia. I didn’t speak English, but, thanks to her, now I can understand and speak to other people. Anastasia is a very nice teacher, and she is always helpful. She is very patient and she is good at creating a friendly atmosphere and a nice conversation like in real life. Now my goal is to improve my English, and I’m sure I will get it with my teacher Anastasia. Anastasia’s method is the key of my motivation.

Northern Ireland
2 years ago

It’s important to get a tutor that really understands the language and knows the importance of Russian, and that’s Anastasia. She really does understand the Russian language, and she can always answer the questions that you may have in terms of why there is a certain rule or a word ends in a particular letter. That’s really important. The second thing is that Anastasia really knows when to push it and when also to let you go back a little bit before going forward. She’s very patient, never makes you feel stupid or intimidated and is a very skilled teacher.

3 years ago

I like Anastasia's lesson very much. She is a very patient teacher. Russian is not an easy language to learn. Of course, we, learners, have to work hard but we need a patient teacher as well! I think I am very lucky to have her as my teacher.
What I appreciate the most is that she teaches Russian from many aspects. In her lesson, I learn not only grammar but also pronunciation. She gives me chance to practice speaking even though I speak very slowly... Speaking skill is very important part of language because language is essentially a tool for communication. From my exerience of learning English (yes, Russian is my third language!) I believe that practicing speaking from the elementary level is very helpful. Since Russian has difficult grammatical structure, we tend to cram all the rules without speaking but she always reminds me of importance of speaking. Best of all, we can learn authentic pronunciation!

3 years ago

Anastasia is a really awesome teacher. Her English is superb, which is really helpful when learning Russian as an English speaker. She is very patient and extremely knowledgeable. What I like best about working with Anastasia is that I can be myself. I have specific Russian language objectives, and she works with these without complaint (some teachers have their OWN agenda ... teacher knows best). Also, I tend to "ramble" a bit during our lessons (hey, I'm in my 60s!) and Anastasia allows me to be myself in this way. Professionally, I am a teacher of English as a Second Language, and she follows my methodology with the Russian language. You can not find a better teacher of Russian!

New Zealand
3 years ago

Anastasia is a truly excellent Russian teacher and provides superb help in all aspects of the language. Whether your goal is to practice conversation, enrich your vocabulary or improve grammar, Anastasia can help immensely. Her English is perfect and she is very good at providing simple and clear explanations of Russian language concepts. She always prepares well-structured, interesting and enjoyable lessons according to her students’ needs. She is also very flexible, calm, patient and kind. I highly recommend Anastasia as your Russian tutor.

the Netherlands
3 years ago

Anastasia has been my teacher of Russian for two weeks now, and I enjoy our skype sessions extremely. She is very patient and kind, always well-prepared, and she uses excellent resources. I am an auditory kind of learner, and Anastasia does a great job in adapting to my learning style. She teaches me new words through context and associations, and I think this way is better for me than traditional methods. However, I wish sometimes she pushed it a little bit harder and made me learn grammar. But overall, Anastasia is a very good tutor, and I feel lucky. Even though I've been taking lessons for two weeks only, my Russian has improved greatly, and I recommend Anastasia to everyone who wants to learn how to speak Russian.

3 years ago

Ever since I discovered Russian culture in college, I’ve been amazed by this country and wanted to learn the Russian language. Two years later I found Anastasia, and she has been my mentor ever since. I like to engage in Russian conversation every day, and I am thankful to Anastasia for providing me with regular Russian practice. My grammar can be awful sometimes, but I prefer to be engaged in a meaningful conversation rather than learning grammar from textbooks. I’m glad that Anastasia uses contextual methods in teaching me.

Cary about russian tutor Anastasia
3 years ago

Hi, my name is Cary. I want to share with you a couple of reasons why you should have Anastasia as your Russian tutor. First of all, she is very good at adjusting to each student's learning style. Second, she has a lot of experience in teaching English and Russian. I could go on, but I think you should sign up and see for yourself.

3 years ago

What I find most fascinating about Anastasia is how skillful she is in filling her lesson with study material. She always gives me so much information that I really feel like I'm going through a very intensive course, and I'm learning a lot. Sometimes after our sessions I feel like my brain is on fire, but that's a good thing. For me language learning is mainly work (that only sometimes is combined with fun). I believe if you want to reach fluency, you should work hard and consistently. And I'm glad that Anastasia backs me up here. I find her a perfect teacher for me.

3 years ago

From the very first lesson Anastasia made me feel at home. I was a bit nervous, but she was so friendly and kind. She was very helpful, too. She showed me how I can learn Russian on my own, what learning resources I can use, and she gave me links to some useful Russian learning websites. We had an enjoyable conversation, and I'm looking forward to meeting with her again.

3 years ago

I am a housewife and learning languages is my hobby. One year ago I found an online language learning school and started learning French. Distance education is a gold mine for language learners because you can meet native speakers from around the world, speakers who are immersed in their native culture; they are living in it every minute of their lives, so they can teach you things that you can’t find in books, or that a native speaker residing in your country might not know. Anyway, having gotten quite good at French, I decided to try and learn a different kind of language, more complex, and I chose Russian. I’ve tried working with a few tutors, but I thought Anastasia was the best fit for me. She is very passionate about teaching Russian and is always eager to help. She is one of those teachers who works to fit the student and provide guidance at each stage of the learning process. I am happy to be Anastasia’s student.

3 years ago

When I started taking lessons with Anastasia, I was a total dummy. I didn't know the alphabet and I couldn't pronounce many Russian words right. I sounded so horrible that I almost gave up. If I was my tutor, I would have given up on me. But Anastasia didn't. She was so patient. She told me, you're not going to learn Russian perfectly in a month, but you can learn basic Russian. I only had to do it step by step. I did, and now I can conduct simple conversations. I went to a Russian food store last week and I spoke to the employee there, and she understood me! I was so happy! Anastasia is a great instructor and I highly recommend her to everyone.

3 years ago

I am an experienced language learner. I have taken plenty of online language classes and I’ve worked with quite a few private tutors. I can say that Anastasia is a qualified language trainer who provides services at an affordable price. Her tutoring approach is centered on the student, and she does her best to fulfill each student’s individual learning needs. If you want to learn Russian, online lessons with Anastasia is just what you need.

3 years ago

I came to Anastasia because I needed help with teaching Russian to my children, 8 and 12 years old. I’m originally from Russia, and I could teach them spoken Russian, but they needed help with reading and writing. Anastasia’s program was very good, so my girls have gotten a lot better at reading and writing Russian. I couldn’t wish for a better personal tutor for them.

3 years ago

I’m a newly wedded husband to my Russian wife who has got a 8-year-old son, and he doesn’t speak much English yet. I wanted to be able to talk to him in Russian, so I came to Anastasia for help. I must say that I’m not a very diligent student, I work a lot and don’t have much time for homework, but Anastasia is a very patient and kind teacher. She adjusts her programme to make it more efficient for me. She has also been very flexible with my tuition, which I’m very grateful for. Thanks to classes with Anastasia, the Russian language doesn’t seem so strange and foreign to me anymore, it’s becoming “my friend”, and now I can understand my step-son better.

4 years ago

Anastasia has a great personality and is easy to talk to. She is a very organized teacher. I really like how confident she makes me feel when I speak Russian. In our lessons I'm never afraid of making mistakes. She types things out for me, so I can review them later. She is also proficient in English, which comes in handy when explaining difficult grammar points. I like her dialogue-based teaching method. Dialogues are truly a great language learning tool that helps you memorize phrases, not words (Anastasia says this is a better way to learn a language, and I agree with her). Anastasia is very passionate about her job, and I believe she can help me become fluent in Russian.

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